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Our Dogs

To help ensure excellent temperament, our dogs are our pets first. We have raised all of our mommas from puppies, so we are confident in their temperament and personality, so we know we are producing the healthiest puppies.  Puppies are raised in our home as part of our family, so you know they are getting a great start from day one!

Samson is our amazing stud that will be the father of almost all our puppies. He is a 5lb Red Toy Poodle, and has been a proven stud for multiple litters, his record so far is 14! His puppies always have amazingly cute faces with little white swatches. He has completed all genetic testing, as well as OFA certifications for his breed.


Happy #tongueouttuesday #tot from Ginger

Ginger is an F1 Goldendoodle. She is about 25lbs, and will be one amazing momma! She loves hugs and snuggles, and will help produce some adorable mini doodles. Because Samson is her daddy, she will be matched with another stud.



Callie is our first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She has a sweet temperament, and loves to be held, but only on her own terms. She will pair with Samson to create the most adorable F1 Cavapoos in Fall of 2020



Poppy is our full Golden Retriever that lives with us here in Las Vegas. She loves to be around her humans, and chews like a true Golden should. She will be paired with Samson to create F1 mini goldendoodles, for those who aren't quite as sensitive to allergies.



Kona is a 25lb F1 English Goldendoodle. She was from our first goldendoodle litter- the retirement litter for our first momma Roxy. As of March 2022, Kona has now retired, and will continue to live with her family here in Las Vegas. She has a great light red coat and paired with Samson, she created adorable mini goldendoodles.



Annie is our second Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. After a couple tries, she was never able to carry any babies, so she has retired to the mountains of Southern Utah where she is chasing squirrels and snowflakes with her new family.  She is the first to melt into someone's lap, and loves snuggles.



Penny was our first goldendoodle momma, and after two years of breeding has been retired with a family friend. She is living her best life full of car rides and baby-fed snacks on the floor! She has proven herself to be a loving and nurturing mother to her puppies. She is a 14lb F1 Red Goldendoodle.


Our Dogs: Testimonials
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